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Meet Tom P.

July 11, 2011

Perhaps the lesson for me this year is the old Wesley one: put me to use, or set me aside.  I was not planning to run for General or Jurisdictional Conference, but friends encouraged me, so I did.  Then, because my carpool was delayed on that day, I failed to get to the Laity Session at Annual Conference, so I did not even have the chance to introduce myself to those who would be voting.  I decided that it would just have to turn out how it turned out.  To my amazement, I was elected to be a reserve delegate.
My hope is always to build bridges.  Our diversity as United Methodists is our strength, not our downfall.  When we let fear be our master, when we act as if we are “them” and “us,” we do violence to God’s church.  This does not mean compromise; it means prayerfully, passionately being who I am, while intentionally, openly, respectfully seeking to hear and to know God’s children who disagree with me.
I have much to learn about United Methodism and how it functions as an institution.  But my vision for the church is that it will be an inclusive place where all people can grow in the knowledge and love of God, and that it will strive always to be God’s hands in the world, caring for all creation and all creatures, as Jesus taught us to do.


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