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The Head

July 11, 2011

One of the first responsibilities of the delegation is to elect a Head. Each delegation will have a Head (otherwise known as leader, chairperson, director).  Each Conference does this a little differently. Wisconsin has traditionally alternated between a lay and clergy Head. For example, in 2008 the Head was a clergy person so for 2012 we elected a lay person. There has also been a tradition to elect the first lay or clergy person (depending on the year) elected by the Annual Conference. This delegation had a lengthy conversation about what gifts the Head would need to excel at. The Heads responsibilities include:
• Organizing delegation meetings
• Planning meals at meetings, as necessary
• Attend a two day gathering in Tampa, Florida in January with the Heads of all other delegations
• Receive all notifications from the General Church
• And, when at the General Conference the Head must collect the daily per diems and certify the active delegates each day
The Head will also attend both General and Jurisdictional Conferences. Lisa King, lay delegate for General Conference, was elected as the Head of the 2012 WI delegation.

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