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Meet Gail

July 20, 2011

I ran for election to general and jurisdictional conference because I believed I would be able to learn more about the United Methodist Church and how we make decisions.  I hoped to be able to represent the people of the Wisconsin Conference.  I have enjoyed being the Lay Member from my congregation to the Wisconsin Annual Conference; it is a privilege to represent fellow members. I had hoped I would be able to bring information and ideas back to Wisconsin, much as I do when I bring information back to my local church.

I have experience working as part of a team through my former position as a school librarian.  I was called on to collaborate and cooperate as we planned and carried out various units in our building.

I am also experienced at taking notes and putting them into understandable form for sharing.  In the past I served as clerk of the local school board for 21 years as well as secretary of Bristol UMC Council and other organizations.

I am willing to take on new challenges. Now that I am retired I have the time to put in hours reading, studying, writing and sharing what I have learned.

I envision a church where all members are aware of the many ministries we support through our apportionment and ADVANCE giving.  I want these ministries to be as transparent as possible so that members are assured of the good work we are doing.

I want to see the elimination of policies that are unfair and unwelcoming to homosexuals.  I want to see us reaching out to the unchurched “Baby Boomers” who are now entering retirement, likely are beginning to contemplate why they are still here, and will have time for mission work, study and other activities.  I also want to see us commit to programs that are welcoming to youth and young adults, both those currently in the church and also those who have drifted away or never were part of the church.


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