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Who is reading what?

July 23, 2011

During the General Conference legislation sessions meet to preview issues moving to the floor for vote.  Each member of the Wisconsin General Conference delegation are assigned to a legislative group.  When the Advanced Daily Christian Advocate is published with the petitions in January 2012 these WI delegates will be responsible for reading all legislation concerning their area.

The assignments for the WI delegation are, as follows:

2) Church and Society 2:  Amanda Stein

6) Financial Administration: Lisa King

7) General Administration: Steve Zekoff

10) Judicial Administration: Bill Stimeling

11) Local Church: Dorthy Radley

12) Ministry and Higher Education: Dan Dick

In addition, the Jurisdictional delegates accepted the responsiblity of reading and taking notes to assist the General Conference delegates.

1)      Church and Society I: Chris Reynolds

3)      Conferences: Steve Polster (including monitoring the legislative section at General Conference)

4)      Discipleship: John Lawson

5)      Faith and Order: Sam Royappa

8)   Global Ministries: Judy Vasby (including monitoring the legislative section at General Conference)

9)   Independent Commissions: Jeremy Deaner

13) Superintendency: Diane Odeen

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