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Meet John

October 5, 2011
I ran for General and Jurisdictional Conference because I have a passion for the Church – nurtured by faithful parents, strengthened by wonderful Church camping experiences and participation in Conference Council on Youth Ministries, and formed by strong mentors in health and welfare ministries.  I wanted to share my experience as a three time delegate to General Conference and four time Delegate to Jurisdictional Conference.  To accomplish anything at General Conference requires relationship building.  These relationships are also critical in electing Bishops – although that is a task we will not be faced with at this Jurisdictional Conference.  I believe I can help Wisconsin through the network of relationships I have formed as a past Delegate and as an active participant in the life and work of three different Annual Conferences.  I have been a part of a significant restructuring of an Annual Conference.  I have been a change agent in my professional life.  The General Church faces a need for significant restructuring, both for financial and missional reasons.  My background and experiences help me evaluate and contribute to this process.  I also believe we need to do more to acknowledge and foster the worldwide nature of the United Methodist Church.  Nearly 40 percent of the delegates to this General Conference will come from outside the United States.  In the not too distant future the majority of United Methodists will come from outside the United States.  At the same time, diversity is growing inside the United States.  By the time my son is my age less than half the population of the US will be Caucasian.  The UMC should be well positioned for this future. Yet in Wisconsin the diversity of our membership lags behind the diversity in the general population.  Finally, I have a passion for the Health and Welfare Ministries of the Church.  Much of my professional life has been in Health and Welfare Ministries of the Church.  I have been active in the United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries.  As Dan Dick said recently, “Health and Welfare is a fulfillment of the social principles of the Church.” Wisconsin has been a leader in this area.  I am part of task force of the United Methodist Association which has been working with GCFA to bring legislation to General Conference to strengthen the ties between Annual Conferences and Health and Welfare Ministries.  Although I will not be going to General Conference as a Delegate, I will be working on behalf of this legislation.

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