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The UMC makes us thankful…

November 23, 2011


In honor of Thanksgiving we asked, what are you thankful for in the UMC?  Here are our thoughts…

Sam – I am most thankful for OPEN TABLE – THE LORD’S SUPPER in the UMC.  Personally, I am also thankful for my deacon and elder ordinations, gifts from God through the UMC.

Steve P. – I am most Thankful to the United Methodist Church for teaching, nurturing, supporting, guiding, challenging, and leading me/us into the world in Christ’s name.  From the Wesley’s onward and for my entire life the Church has proclaimed that true faith is found in how the love of God in Christ Jesus is shared with the world.  Thanks be to God!

Steve. Z. – I am most thankful that The United Methodist Church is a denomination which values tradition, experience and reason along with scripture, and teaches that engagement with social issues through witness and action is integral to living a faithful Christian life.

Bill – I am thankful for a church family that supports and affirms my wife and me. Karen and I are blessed with 150+ folks who genuinely care about us. Since our only son and his family lives in New York, the Holcombe United Methodist Church folks are de facto, our surrogate family. Much of what we do every week and especially during the holidays, involves other parishioners. Committee work or addressing to-do tasks around the church are truly joy-filled and make for a fulfilling experience. Because of our church family, we’re truly blessed…and thankful.

What are you most thankful for in the UMC? Share your thankfulness here!



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  1. Carrie Kreps Wegenast permalink

    I’m thankful that the UMC is a place I can ask questions and explore what it means to love God and be loved by God.

  2. Gail B permalink

    I am thankful for the many opportunities for service in the UMC, whether locally or internationally. I can participate in hands on activities, share my talents and enthusiasm, and support others who are God’s hands and feet throughout the world.

  3. Judy Vasby permalink

    I am thankful for the connectionalism that is unique to our denomination. No matter which UMC I attend, I am welcomed as a sister in the Faith and know that we share the same historical and spiritual background and support the same world-wide ministries through our apportionments. Along with this is the appreciation for the leadership and contributions of the laity, a valued tradition since the Methodist movement began.

  4. Steve Polster permalink

    It’s a joy to read these testimonies…I’m thankful for each one!

  5. I am thankful for the opportunies the Church has given me through Health and Welfare Ministries.

    As Dan Dick put it so well at the recent Health and Welfare luncheon with the Bishop “Health and Welfare Ministries are a fulfillment of the Social Principles of the Church.”

  6. I am thankful for our “open table” as well as our committment to a combination of personal and social piety. Oh, and I thank God for our musical heritage as well!

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