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First Hand Experience: Sam Royappa

February 1, 2012

One of the highlights of the General Conference 2008 was seemingly the practice of Holy Conferencing. It was like a ‘mantra’ for the presiding officers but a mystery for many delegates like me. I had a question, “is it the paradigm for doing the General Conference in the 21st century?” I was reminded of a biblical image of “serving two masters” and a couple of secular sayings like “mixing apples with oranges” and “a round peg in a square hole.” I feel the appropriateness of these sayings for the practice of Holy Conferencing with, for, and at the General Conference as the practice of Holy Conferencing and the General Conference do not go together because they are theologically, historically, and philosophically opposed to each other. This does not undermine the opportunity to celebrate, with gratitude to God Almighty, the several wonderful moments at and experiences of the 2008 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, such as the creatively designed Episcopal Address, the Address of the Liberian President, the powerful story of seven year old  Katherine Commale that generated half-a-million dollars for the “Nothing but Nets” project, the Power of Preaching, the celebrations of Rural Ministries, the 60th Anniversary of the Advance, the 100th Anniversary of United Methodist Men, GBPHB, the Social Principles, and the 40th Anniversary of GCORR.

Watch Katherine Commale’s story here –

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