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Just your typical delegation meeting…

February 9, 2012

WI Delegation Meeting, January 26, 2012 All the information we need to have handy during the meeting's discussions.

The 'other' delegates who called into the meeting.

 The Wisconsin delegation for General and Jurisdictional Conference meets about once a month to discuss petitions, the process, hear presentations from General Board members and talk about the delegations voting strategy on issues.The delegation met on January 26.  Many of us gather around the table in Sun Prairie but others call in.

There was an update on the blog and a plan for letting ‘people in the pews’ know about the blog and what is happening at GC by April 1st.  You can help us by recommending this blog to members of your congregation or by publishing the link – – in your church bulletin or

Dorthy Radley, John Lawson, and Dan Schwerin

John Lawson gave a report on the NCJ Nominations.  These are positions at the Jurisdictional level that our delegates will fill for the next four years.

We also heard feedback from the Conference groups and caucuses.  Delegates volunteered to talk to boards, agencies, committees, caucuses, and special interest groups around the WI Conference about significant issues they see coming to GC and JC.

Lisa King and Steve Zekoff

Lisa King, head of the delegation, and Steve Zekoff, secretary, head just returned from the GC News Briefing in Tampa.  This is a pre-GC event to talk about the logistical pieces of having so many people from around the U.S. and world in one place.  Lisa and Steve also heard about changes to petitions and learned what to expect when they arrive in Tampa with the WI delegation in April.

We then discussed some of the GC legislation.  On this month’s agenda were the General Board of Pension & Health Benefits petition, the Church Systems Task Force, the Ministry Study, the General church Budget, and Restructuring.  The discussion when long into the night until we finally decided people had long drives and we would never cover all the issues completely.

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