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A Comment from Bishop Roy Sano

March 31, 2012

I appreciated the WI delegation’s statement on the IOT report, esp the fundamental point that it has not even clarified the function before proposing drastic structural changes.  They will say the Tower Watson report clearly indicated a need for major structural changes to address the CTA, and beyond that, our mission is already in the Book of Discipline.  That statement, however, is so self-serving, and the IOT and CTA are driven by anxieties about our survival in diminishing income projections and declining membership. They are overlooking the spiritual issue Jesus named: those who seek to save themselves will lose themselves.  I won’t lengthen my appreciation with corrections on our mission statement from JW.

The process to improve the report at the Gen Conf is woefully inadequate and schedule for reorganization after Gen Conf by a select body are wosefully inadequate. I therefore wonder: is there a way to affirm the work of the IOT, name the unanswered questions, and then propose a more inclusive structure and longer process which can lift before the church a more responsible proposal along with a more theologically inspiring foundation?

Roy I. Sano

Retired Bishop, UMC

[as emailed to the WI delegation Head, Lisa King]


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