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Reading & Reflection: Discipleship Comm.

April 24, 2012

Petitions assigned to the Discipleship Committee

Book of Discipline

There are many petitions related to what is now called Lay Speaking ministries. General Board of Discipleship proposes changing this to Lay Servant ministries. This terminology is already in use in Wisconsin and several other Annual Conferences. (20235, 20232, 20238, 20233, 20240, 20239)

One petition opposes the change to Lay Servant Ministries.  Another proposes the term Lay Servant Leaders.  (20931, 21075)

There is a series of petitions from GBOD which appear to be language clean up to reflect current practice. (20251, 20248, 20255, 20253, 20247, 20254, 20252, 20249, 20246, 20242)

General Council on Finance and Administration proposes shifting responsibility for stewardship promotion from General Board of Discipleship to General Council on Finance and Administration. (20371)

One petition seeks to require the Conference Council on Young Adult Ministries to support crisis pregnancy centers. (20621)

There is a series of petitions dealing with hymnal issues. One proposes the creation of an Africana hymnal for use by African American congregations.  Several petitions seek to prescribe the inclusion or exclusion of various hymns and various other items. (20250, 20912, 20542,20960)

General Board of Global Ministries seeks to replace “handicapping conditions” language to “disabilities”. (20787) This is one of a series of petitions seeking to make this change where ever it appears in the Discipline.

One petition seeks to require electronic publication of the Guidelines for Congregations booklets. (20793)

General Board of Discipleship has submitted petitions detailing plans for Native American Ministries and Strengthening the Black Church. (2066, 20267)

Wisconsin’s petition on resourcing development of multicultural congregations is in this legislative committee.  (20751)

One petition seeks to mandate the inclusion of the word “Disciple” in the index of the Book of Discipline.  (20900)

There is a petition requiring weekly communion in churches with four or more weekly worship services. (20692)

Another petition prescribes the creation of coursework on “teaching worship styles.”  (20246)

One petition removes the current mandate to use BC and AD in all curriculum material. (21097)


Book of Resolutions.

General Board of Discipleship seeks to renew and amend resolutions regarding May as Christian Home Month, Putting Children and Their Families First, Black Family Life, By Water and the Spirit, and This Holy Mystery.

One petition seeks to strip inclusive language from a current resolution.

– John Lawson


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