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Trivia Question: Day 2

April 25, 2012

Trivia Question: Day 2

Every day of General Conference we will offer a trivia question about the GC.  If you have a guess or know the answer submit it as a comment.  We’ll draw a winner from all the correct answers time stamped for the day the question was posted.  Winners will be contacted at the end of GC to receive their prize.  Stop back every day for the previous day’s answer.

Yesterday:  How many delegates will be at GC?    988

Today: What Conference is hosting the General Conference?


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  1. Sharon Cook permalink

    That’s gotta be the Florida Conference, right?

  2. Wesley White permalink

    The Wisconsin Annual Conference is hosting General Conference through our 100% payment of our General Conference apportionments. This through the definition of “host” as “One that furnishes facilities and resources for a function or event.”

  3. Jean Ehnert Nicholas permalink

    I agree with Wesley, but I suspect the answer you’re looking for is the Florida Annual Conference.

  4. Kathy Itson permalink

    Florida Conference

  5. Ellis Itson permalink

    Florida Conference

  6. Sharon Cook permalink

    Ah Wes, but we didn’t pay 100% last year…

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