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Reading & Reflection: Conf. Legislative Section

April 26, 2012

While at General Conference I will be monitoring the Conferences Legislative Section. This was the section I served in as a delegate last GC. The Conferences Legislative section deals with Discipline paragraphs that include parts of the Constitution, as well as the sections on General, Central, Jurisdictional, and Annual Conferences.
Included are petitions that call for changes in the number delegates to General Conference (increase minimum from 600 to 800 but keep the maximum the same) and the frequency of meetings.
I’ve only found one Wisconsin petition: Par 36 (DCA pg. 348) Delegate Term Limits  This legislation would restrict the number of times an individual may be elected a Delegate to GC, JC, and Central Conferences to four consecutive terms.
One of the most interesting non-Disciplinary petitions would set a policy for selecting the site of General Conference (DCA p.371) limited to those states where there is no death penalty.
Also interesting attempt to eliminate Western Jurisdiction by moving those Conferences into other Jurisdictions.DCA p. 349
Once again legislation to move toward world-wide church divided into several Central Conference will likely get a lot of attention.


-Steve Polster

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