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What if…

April 27, 2012

What if, Jesus Christ and John Wesley were delegates to 2012 General Conference…


Jesus said: “God so loved the world…” UMC being The Church of Jesus Christ is called to sail in the world, making difference in the lives of people and communities. Row, row, the UMC, gently onto streets, cities, villages and every nook and corner of the world that Jesus referred to, for the sole purpose of offering help, hope and healing to people in need. Is “transformation of the world with, by and through agape” the compelling reason for such a well-planned and power-filled gathering of 900+ disciples of Christ? After being recognized by the Presiding bishop, Jesus would approach the microphone and utter these words (he would repeat his name three times as required by the policy): “Well, friends, I invite you all to focus on the divine revelation in just one verse, John 3:16 and to present the gospel of love to the entire world. God’s love is the only motive of our being and doing. I so move to let it be.”


Jesus said: “I will build my Church.” Jesus is committed to build his church with bricks of love, justice and mercy. He is looking for co-builders at all levels. The delegates are called to wear building caps and act upon everything and anything that looks like bricks of love, justice and mercy. Will delegates gather as Jesus’ co-builders? Co-building is a response to God’s call and also a commitment to the needs of the world through the church. Church is to be built or reformed that the world might be transformed. “I so move that we, in response to God’s call, commit ourselves to be co-builders, with Jesus Christ, of the United Methodist Church.” Anyone to second…?


John Wesley said: “The world is our parish.”  Again, the world is the context, the object, the recipient, the stage, the field, the page and the place for our mission, witness and outreach ministries. Will the world that includes but not limited to: inequality, injustice, poverty – physical and spiritual, sickness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, war, violence, all kinds of divisions, and other needs, hear the voice and noise of the 2012 GC? Methodism is all about moving into communities, going beyond the four walls, expanding the parish territory, and proclaiming the good news to people of all ages, nations and ages. Will Tampa, Florida be the world’s parish? “Friends, I so move to perish our ego-problems and to let our parishes be and become the salt of the earth and light of the world.” Anyone to second…?

-Sam Royappa


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  1. John permalink

    Another thought, what did Wesley do?  Here is part of  the answer:
    “There was scarcely any form of social advance and improvement in which he (Wesley) was not interested—establishing societies and institutions, workshops, credit unions, children’s homes and schools, homes for the aged, nurses training, and hospitals. He believed that a satisfying spiritual experience could not survive apart from enthusiasm for service to mankind.” (Parkinson, History of the Board of Hospitals and Homes)
    Pardon the non inclusive language, thats the way it was written back in the day.

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