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Thank you Steve Z.

May 2, 2012

Steve Zekoff — GC Wonk

Most of the Wisconsin delegates find General Conference interesting, important, and meaningful, but one among us finds it… fun.  Steve Zekoff’s like a kid in a candy store.  As the rest of us wind down and get tired, Steve gets wound up and engaged.  Many motions are made at General Conference, but Steve is perpetual motion — racing from group to group, hammering out proposals and plans to move our church forward.  “Network” is his middle name — Steve knows more people here than the rest of us combined, and those he didn’t know last week are his best buds today.  If I ever run for office, I want Steve Zekoffhandling my campaign.  Steve is working on our restructuring plan, and we could not hope for better representation.  He knows the church, he knows the arguments, he knows the people involved, and he knows how to work the process.  Rest assured, Wisconsin, you are well served by your Wisconsin delegation, and you are super-served by Steve Zekoff.



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