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Wisconsin Connection to General Conference

July 19, 2012

The Rev. Rachel Chingej brought her gifts from Waukesha, Wisconsin to the 2012 General Conference–without being part of our delegation. How? Rev. Chingej was there to translate Swahili and French to English.

“The hardest part was going in and out of three languages, with the differences in Swahili and English, ” Rev. Chingej said. “Some words that exist in French and English do not exist in Swahili, so that meant a longer description–but also keeping up with the conversation.”

When asked what did you love about being a part of the General Conference, Rev. Chingej said that was simple: “the connnection.  There were new relationships to make and to facilitate these relationships felt like making a bridge to the future.” Rev. Chingej is an elder from the Congo serving in Wisconsin as minister to seniors at First UMC Waukesha.  She has had CPE training in the US in gerontology and behavioral health, and brings her experience of service with her husband, Mpoyo, in the Congo.

War has begun again in the Congo, and war means more displaced people. She would ask us to keep the people of the Congo and the people of the UMC there in prayer as they make Christ known in a period of intense suffering.

[The Waukesha Freeman ran an article about Rev. Chingej on July 6 –]


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