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First Hand Experiences: Sam Royappa

July 21, 2012

As per The Book of Discipline 2008, # 27. Article V – election of bishop(s) is one of the duties of JC (of the six duties) and election of bishops is the second duty.  The very first one is: “to promote the evangelistic, educational, missionary, and benevolent interests of the church and to provide the interests and institutions within the boundaries.”  Because we have been missing the “evangelistic and missionary” focus, the numbers are decreasing at all levels.   I don’t mean numbers are everything but it is one of the critical elements of being part of UMC. Delegates are elected based on numbers – number of people on roll and in the pews and that’s the reality.  WAC has paid GC apportionment for more than two decades – almost close to quarter century.
With a heavy heart, I like to share the following:
Since GC 2012, I have been hearing – Sam, so, now, Dakotas and Minnesota have become two-point conference, when is WAC going to be part of two-point conference?
I hope and pray that that does not happen but with my humble and simple prayer: “Thy will be done in WAC, as it is in heaven.”
What I am learning – nothing is new, we have been talking (making tires) about all these things (changes) for years/decades.  When are these tires going to hit the road?  We are filled with fine and fantastic ideas but no strategy to implement them that reformation of the church and transformation of the world would happen.  Yes, I am part of partying and celebrating all the good ministries with and around us but not enough for and in the global church and the kingdom.  We have the potential to do great things.
Looking forward to a Future with Missional Hope!
Samuel Royappa

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