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Rookie reflections: Jeremy Deaner

July 21, 2012
 I have no other experience to compare, but I have heard that this Jurisdictional Conference in particular is very chill. I have heard from veteran conference-goers that Jurisdictional Conference is usually frenetic, more anxious, and full of ballots.

 You could say, then, that this conference is not exciting. Perhaps. Our plenary sessions have been times to hear reports from committees and ministries around the jurisdiction. Sometimes interesting, sometimes rote.

What I have enjoyed most is building relationships with those in the Wisconsin delegation and other delegates, especially young adults, from around the jurisdiction. I have also enjoyed and been fed by hearing our Bishops preach.

What we have lost in frenzy, we have made up for in time for reflection. We are still processing the effects of General Conference. Bishop Keaton, in his Thursday morning sermon, mused about the role of redemptive suffering in General Conference. Is it possible, he wondered, that the suffering of General Conference was the best thing that could have happened to us? I am willing to entertain Bishop Keaton’s idea, especially because his reinterpretation will stick with me and hopefully chip away at my disappointment. Hopefully. His reflection is one among many.

As for me, I am learning much about this level of our church’s ministry and I am honored to be representing Wisconsin, hoping in four years to enjoy for the first time the frenzy of multiple episcopal elections!

Jeremy Deaner


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