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Petition for 2013 WI AC

June 5, 2013

Action Item   : Election of Delegates to the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conferences

Submitted by:  Lisa King and Steve Zekoff, Delegates, General/Jurisdictional Conference 2012

Whereas the new possibility of electing delegates two years prior to General Conference was created when the 2012 General Conference revised The Book of Discipline. Previously, the Discipline specified one year prior.  ¶502.3 now reads: Delegates to the General Conference shall be elected at the session of the annual conference held not more than two annual conference sessions before the calendar year preceding the session of General Conference.  At least thirty days prior to the calendar year, the secretary of the General Conference shall notify the bishop and the secretary of each annual conference of the number of delegates to be elected by that annual conference; and

Whereas the number of 2016 delegates allocated to the Wisconsin Conference by Disciplinary formula will be known by early December, 20131; and

Whereas a Structure Task Force of the North Central Jurisdiction is having conversations about the future jurisdictional structure; and

Whereas mandatory and potential elective retirements within the NCJ College of Bishops will result in several episcopal elections at the 2016 North Central Jurisdictional Conference; and

Whereas a 2014 election of Wisconsin’s delegation to the 2016 General and Jurisdictional conferences would identify our delegates to other annual conference delegations and allow our elected representatives to actively engage in structural and election discussions over the following two years;

Therefore be it resolved that at its 2014 session the Wisconsin Annual Conference conduct the election of delegates and reserves to the 2016 General and Jurisdictional conferences, following the procedures specified in Wisconsin Conference Policy



1The General Conference delegates allocated to Wisconsin over the past three quadrennium:

2004:  six laity and six clergy, with an additional six of each for Jurisdictional

2008:  five clergy and five laity, with an additional five of each for Jurisdictional

2012:  three laity and three clergy, with an additional three of each for Jurisdictional


2140.0.0 General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegations

140.1.0 Nominations and Elections:

140.1.1 Lay and clergy United Methodists of Wisconsin who are interested in election as General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegates may submit brief biographical sketches of themselves which will be distributed by the Conference Secretary in the pre-Conference materials. The Conference Secretary shall present the balloting procedures during the opening plenary of an election year session for adoption by the Annual Conference. In addition to the delegates elected to the General and Jurisdictional Conferences, there shall be four clergy and four lay reserve delegates elected to the Jurisdictional Conference.

140.2.0 Organization of the Delegation:

140.2.1 Following election of the General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates, the Bishop or a person designated by him/her shall convene such delegation, including the reserve delegates to Jurisdictional Conference, at a time and place set by the convener. The convener shall preside at this delegation organizational meeting until a secretary pro tem of the delegation is elected, who shall call the next meeting of the delegation. At that next meeting of the delegation, the chair and other officers shall be elected from among the delegation membership, as well as election of the members of the Jurisdictional Committee on the Episcopacy for the following quadrennium.

The chair of the delegation shall be elected alternating quadrenniums between the clergy and lay members.

140.2.2 Travel expenses for delegation meetings shall be paid from the Annual Conference delegation budget. The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) pays travel expenses and per diem relating to the General Conference attendance directly to delegates. Expenses of the first lay and clergy reserve delegates will be paid from the delegation budget, following the same policies as followed by GCFA for delegates. The North Central Jurisdiction (NCJ) pays travel expenses and per diem relating to Jurisdictional Conference attendance directly to delegates. Expenses of the first clergy and lay reserve delegates will be paid from the Annual Conference delegation budget, following the same policies as followed by the NCJ for delegates.

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  1. Steve Zekoff permalink

    Other members of the 2012 Wisconsin Delegation supporting Annual Conference Action Item 26 included Jenny Arneson, Gail Burgess, Jeremy Deaner, Dan Dick, John Lawson, Jorge Mayorga Solis, Diane Odeen, Steve Polster, Tom Popp, Dorthy Radley, Chris Reynolds, Sam Royappa, Dan Schwerin, Jen Southworth, Amanda Stein and Bill Stimeling.

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