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About Us

   This blog is dedicated to the reflections and experiences of the elected Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conferences in 2012.  We were elected by the lay and clergy members at the June 2011 Annual Conference.  We are 3 lay and 3 clergy General delegates, 3 lay and 3 clergy Jurisdictional delegates, and 4 lay and 4 clergy reserves.

We thank the Wisconsin Conference for the opportunity to serve them and the global United Methodist Church.

All posts on this blog reflect the opinions of the individual delegates and do not mean in any way to reflect those of The United Methodist Church, the Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church or the delegation as a whole.


Wisconsin Delegation

Lay delegates to General Conference

Lisa King (head)
Dorthy Radley
William Stimeling

Clergy delegates to General Conference

Dan Dick
Amanda M.D. Stein
Steve Zekoff (secretary)

 Jurisdictional Conference Lay delegates

Judy Vasby
Diane Odeen
Chris Reynolds

 Jurisdictional Conference Clergy delegates

Steve Polster
Jeremy Deaner
Sam Royappa

 Lay alternates

Gail Burgess
John Lawson
Tom Popp
Jennifer Southworth

 Clergy alternates

Dan Schwerin
Carrie Kreps Wegenast
Jorge Mayorga Solis
Jennifer Arneson


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